Lydia Elisabeth pottery

My inspiration and influences come from different things. From my garden
during the different seasons, a figure I walk by on the street, or a texture I
feel and then incorporate or use as an imprint.
The love I feel for natural materials means that I don’t stick to one type of
style, but always look for what feels good at that moment. Still, you can
see that everything’s been made by the same hands.

I works with unique small collections. 

About me

My name is Lydia Pieksma and I’m 26 years old. My passion for clay started during
my orientation (of my studies) on different kinds of material.
Clay is pure, it’s earth –
ierde, in Frisian – It’s s got character and in a way, you work together with the clay to
create a piece of work.
I learned my trade from a number of Frisian ceramists, including Wietske Hellinga,
Lies van Huet, Siete Koch, and Tjabel Klok. I’ve been working as an independent
ceramist since 2018.